Stock market options and futures

Even the best at online stock trading admit that learning all the ins and outs of the industry makes for a daunting task. Entry into the field involves mastery over its often opaque jargon and complex concepts. At Lightspeed Trading, we strive to design trading tools that assist everyone from the most experienced traders to those just looking to get started.

Part of that endeavor involves education. To that end, we have provided a short glossary of some basic stock market terminology to help beginning traders on their way. Those with more experience can always stand to review their knowledge, as well. These assets represent investments. Subsequently, they stock market options and futures companies, commercial enterprises, and municipalities to raise new capital. These securities denote ownership in a corporation. Generally, stocks consist of two different types:.

On the stock market, ETFs trade like stocks but more closely resemble mutual funds. They hold stocks, commodities, and other assets while remaining tradeable themselves. Stock market options and futures they reflect an index, their prices change throughout the day. In contrast, mutual funds have their net-asset values NAV calculated at the end of the business day. ETFs combine the flexibility of stocks with the diversification inherent in mutual funds. That, in addition to their tax efficiency and low costs, make ETFs an appealing choice for many traders.

These highly versatile securities represent sellable contracts. Due to their high liquidity, options usually stock market options and futures more leverage than stocks but require less capital, giving traders with less buying power more choices when diversifying their portfolios. Futures, like options, consist of sellable contracts. However, unlike options, futures require the holder to fulfill the terms of the contract at the time of expiration.

In practice, traders can still buy or sell futures in much the same way as options. Lightspeed Trader, our trading system for day tradersallows our clients to trade and maintain stocks, ETFs, and options all in the same place.

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Use Realtime BATS data when available stock market options and futures. Equities only): For U. equities, the chart will use realtime prices from the BATS exchange when markets are in session and when BATS prices are available for the symbol on the chart (requires you to be logged in to your free Barchart account.

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