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If par is 50 then the round lot will be If par is 5 then the round lot will be Round lots for stocks traded on Xetra are determined by security type. Domestic stocks and warrants will have a round lot of and foreign stocks will have a round lot of 1. Settlement has been fully computerized since and the procedure is the same for both floor and computer trading.

The clearing and depository organizations are: German Central Securities Depository: Ordinary Stammaktien and preferred shares Vorzugsaktien , bonds, warrants, options, and currencies are traded on the exchange. Preferred shares may be issued with or without voting rights, but they must have a preferential right to cumulative dividends.

Most German shares are in bearer form. Registered shares are usually issued by insurance companies. A company applying for listing on the official market must fulfill the following requirements: All listed German companies must publish an annual report.

The annual report must contain a profit and loss statement, a balance sheet, a description of business development and prospects, and a profit distribution proposal. Balance sheets and profit and loss statements must be checked by an independent auditor. Listed companies must also publish interim half-yearly reports.

Share transactions are subject to a brokerage fee as well as a commission charge payable to the bank. The brokerage fee is. This rate may be reduced for non-residents in tax treaty countries. Capital gains are not taxed. There are no restrictions or regulations affecting foreign investment in German securities. It is comprised on 30 German blue chips. These stocks are selected according to turnover and market capitalization. The broader market is represented by the DAX Index. This index is comprised of the most liquid shares.

Listed companies are required to disclose to their shareholders and the Exchange dividend information, announcements concerning profits and losses and anything that may affect their financial position. Short sales are permitted subject to restrictions and requirements of local regulations. Companies must meet a 3 year profit requirement for listing on the exchange.

Other listing requirements include: There is a transaction levy of 0. There is a stamp duty of 0. Further there is a transfer fee of HKD 2. There is no tax on dividends or capital gains in Hongkong. Cash Equity, Swaps Short: The HIS is a cap-weighted index comprised of 39 stocks.

To serve as the most representative benchmark as a basis for index-linked derivative products, the number of constituents will increase gradually to a maximum of This Index is divided into 4 sub-indices: Financial, property, utilities and commerce.

This is the only limit. Securities trading began in Hongkong in although the first exchange was not formed until In , a second exchange was formed called the Hongkong Stockbrokers Association. The two exchanges were formed. Prompted by a market crash in a group was formed that led to the unification of all 4 exchanges into the present day SEHK on July 7, GEM is designed to bridge the gap.

Additional note for Indices: The index consists of stocks that meet strict liquidity guidelines. HKEx executives have concluded that circuit breakers do not appear to be appropriate for the Stock Exchange or the Futures Exchange. HKEx believes the mandatory closing of the markets solely because of volatility may be counterproductive and have other unintended consequences in the markets that would outweigh any benefits. Half Day trading hours: Half day hours Infos zur Mobile App.

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