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This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. It really bothers me how people can be so cruel, even when it's just a simple online trade in a Pokemon game. I can't tell you how many times people have ripped me off because I trusted that they'd send me the correct Pokemon, with the correct ability, and the correct held item.

Or said something along the lines of "I'll give you two legendaries for that shiny legendary. Earlier I was doing a GTS trade with someone who wanted to trade me a Boldore for a Boldore, so they would both evolve. I needed the Pokedex entry. Put my Boldore online pokemon trading oras the GTS. Log back in and it says online pokemon trading oras pokemon you deposited has been traded! I get the other Boldore and it doesn't evolve. I think 'maybe they changed it so Boldore doesn't evolve on trade anymore?

I go to my PC box and what do you know, the jerk person who traded me the Boldore gave it an Everstone so it purposefully wouldn't evolve! A little nonsense now and then is relished by online pokemon trading oras wisest men. I, myself, got cheated: I put a lev. The thing about pokemon is that there are always some unsavory people that online pokemon trading oras do what they can to get what they can get in online pokemon trading oras lowest price possible.

That is just sad for me. Though, my GTS experiences are not that bad In fact, I received a couple pokemon with HA's by using it, admittedly, it took a few tries by putting 5IV breedjects though. Though for the PSS trading on the other hand Brendan People die when they are killed, but that doesn't mean just because online pokemon trading oras correct you're right. I appreciate the feedback. Yeah, I think I'm done using the GTS for anything when it comes to giving the other person the benefit of the doubt.

You can tell I lost my faith in other people because when I went back to the GTS with my Boldore, I made sure not to trade him for another Boldore this time - I traded him for his evolved form. That way, the other person could see that my Boldore was not holding an Everstone before accepting the trade. I would normally only use this forum for trades, but lately I've been having bad luck when it comes to getting the Pokemon I need.

Two different people on online pokemon trading oras were generous enough to say they'd breed the Pokemon I need, but it's online pokemon trading oras like two weeks and we can't seem to ever be online at the same time to do the trade.

I feel like you've had random bad luck though. I've gotten some Pokemon with great stats or IVs even when it was totally cool with me if the Pokemon was completely unusable in competitive battles. You really should just stick to forums for really specific trades though, my friend. Online pokemon trading oras where I do most of mine. It wouldn't be too hard to program seraching by ability, shinies, and so on.

Not to excuse other people's actions, but maybe the ones that traded with you were from other countries? If they were Japanese, for example, they wouldn't know what you asked That doesn't excuse the guy that traded you the everstone Boldore, but hey, at least you got an everstone for free!

For more "serious" stuff, as it was already said, use the trade forums. Francis realized its online pokemon trading oras username is an anagram of "A fascist corn" and is freaking out. The GTS is stupid. I've tried to use it, but when I just wanted an Absol, there are online pokemon trading oras 1 Absols for Meloetta and Genesect. Nothing else except the occasional Arceus. I wanted that Alakazam, so I put it up for a online pokemon trading oras Alakazam like he said.

When I got the deposited pokemon was traded message, I waited for it to arrive, and found a non shiny online pokemon trading oras instead. I got it first. The other good online pokemon trading oras was when I was looking for a Relicanth to catch Regice and stumbled upon a shiny one for a Volbeat.

Yes, that was online pokemon trading oras going in with both Shiny Wailord and Shiny Relicanth like a boss. I'll send an email to game freak asking them about Franciscosta's idea, and maybe they can do an advanced search and request thing so that way people don't get ripped off like that Everstone Boulder by asking for one without an item. Maybe a shiny specific thing would be good too. Or ones for special balls, for ones with specific abilities and natures, even ones with items held.

Go in and find that master balled Magikarp like a boss! I've hated the GTS for some time now as well. Ultra Moon Bird Challenge! I've had mix luck with the GTS. Sometimes I get completely ripped off, but other times it does pay off. My last two times paid off. I asked for a HA Bulbasaur and Slowpoke, and luckily got them on my first try.

That may have been a once in a life time chance, because all the other times I've tried Like others were saying as well, I think it's a bit ridiculous that almost everyone wants legendaries such as Darkrai, Online pokemon trading oras, Jirachi, etc. People are way too selfish and greedy. Now i'm not sure if this is the case, but if i remember correctly wild Online pokemon trading oras got a chance of holding an Everstone, so the case could be that he didn't know it was attached.

Or he just want to troll, it's hard to tell. I usually only use the GTS whenever i need dex fillers that i dont mind what the specifics are such as nature and gender etc. Flying with SwannaFarfetch'd and Rufflet. To be honest, I agree with you wholeheartedly.

I've had too many bad experiences with the GTS and I'm through with using it for more serious trades. I only use it to get the species I need - not HAs or such.

It's saddening and at the same time, anger inducing. I'm really sorry about your incident with the Boldore - it's really a terrible thing for someone to do. I really hope it doesn't happen again and I suggest you stop using the GTS. People here on the forums are much kinder and more reasonable - best to stick here. My trainer card for Pokemon Y featuring one of my many random teams. Online pokemon trading oras teams are usually results of wacky breeding projects I create for myself.

Online pokemon trading oras find the GTS useful for getting something quickly when you don't care about the details—as others have said, version exclusives, finishing the dex etc. There's just so many people online around the world at any time, sometimes it's easier than posting on the forums.

That said, I too have tried getting a trade-to-evolve once, didn't work. Never tried anything like that again. You have to remember, it is "just a game" to a lot of people, and with the anonymity of the system, people can get away with a lot. There's no sense of community and no consequences if you knowingly rip someone off. Most of the people that put up basic stuff asking for legendaries are people who are just trying to "safely" transfer their own legendaries from another cartridge People who trade with everstones are just the worst.

All users will need to merge their Azurilland account with a new or existing Twitch account starting July 17th. You can merge your accounts by clicking here. Curse Help Register Sign In. This is going to be a short rant. Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. Since then, I decided online pokemon trading oras to use the GTS anymore, and. Lets just say you really are better off trading in online forums such as this.

I'm not gonna a love song. Visual arts student, professional procrastinator, and near life-long Online pokemon trading oras fan. The GTS makes me rip the hair out of my head. I've had too many bad experiences on there. But don't you worry, cuz I'm going to fix it. Last edited by EgotisticalLobster: I'll probably add something here later I'm lazy tho so don't get your hopes up. I try to be fair either way, but I honesty feel like it's a waste of time.

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