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Committed to providing a stable, reliable, safe formal official website platform. Binary options transaction is one of the most rapid growth in simplify trading products. As one of the option, binary options has predetermined risk and income. Traders have to predict some sign of the asset expire is higher than call option or lower than the current price call options.

When you become the agent distributor of Jinsheng binary options, you will own an independent agent background management, and you can see customer related information like depositing and withdrawing money under the name of the agent. On the one hand, we have a strong group to support, on the other hand we have perfect capital supervision system.

For the settlement of commission, we will give you a check list before 5th of the following month. After you have signed, we will grant commission before 10th of the following month. As the agent distributor of Jinsheng border binary options, online marketing needs us to provide background advertising code, so as to sales agent can use it directly. At the same time, we have a series of courseware tutorials, platform specification, the transaction instruction an so on for support.

In the first month, individual agent was required to recommend three customers to have transaction. The company agent was required to recommend eight customers to have investment and transaction in the first month. The agent needs to print out and sign, and photo to reply mail or sent it to the customer service.

The commission will returned to the account after sending 3 working days. Agents need to sign an agency agreement with our company, and register to be agents. Then you will obtain a union links. Customers will automatically be assigned to your name when opening an account by the union links. Individual agent needs to recommended three customers to open an account with transactions in the first month.

After that, Individual agent can sign the commission discount clause. The calculation of commission discount starts from the date of signing the commission discount clause. Company agent needs to recommended eight customers to open an account with transactions in the first month. After that, Company agent can sign the commission discount clause.

Rebates depends on deposit. Then the trading volume would reach dollar with a total of 30 times. Lying to make money! Jinsheng Options as the world's best trading official announcement more operation guide for ggbinary official si Committed to providing a stable, reliable, safe formal official website platform.

Jinsheng options has been "customer first, safety first" as their responsibility, official announcement more operation guide for ggbinary official si for the market fair and transparent transactions, to comply with the rules and regulations of investment and finance to ensure that every investor rest assured that the transaction, peace of mind financial management.

Jinsheng Options set up offices in Hong Kong, China, and corporate or individual partner brokers covering the world, including Vietnam, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Macao and other regions, daily customer registration over 10, online traders over a hundred thousand, The amount of broken million. As a Jincheng Options Partner, we can receive direct support and assistance from our marketing department, provide ongoing diversification of marketing activities, and continue to official announcement more operation guide for ggbinary official si the economic operators to conduct training and one-on-one consultancy services.

Official announcement more operation guide for ggbinary official si support Jinsheng Options accurately grasp the market trends, to provide you with a full range of market guidance, data analysis, and coping strategies. At the same time, according to market changes, plus professional training, and constantly tap your potential capacity. Marketing support In the face of fierce competition, the Group will organize industry development forums from time to time, inviting industry celebrities and practitioners to tell official announcement more operation guide for ggbinary official si about industry sales skills and the most effective sales model to help you win your wealth in the market.

Business development, the use of Jinsheng Options official website of the dynamic banners, widgets, videos, articles, posts, white papers and platform tracking code, the platform activities to assess and fine-tune.

Month, partner A name of the total amount of customers into the amount of 5, dollars, the gold dollars, the total net income of 4, US dollars, available 0. The partner A received the commission for: On the fifth business day of the month, the platform will send the last month's statement to the partner's mailbox.

Partner check the bill is correct, print out and sign, take pictures back to the mailbox or sent to the customer service. Once the platform has been confirmed, the commission can reach the partner's account within 3 working days.

How do I join the Partner Program? In this cooperative relationship, Party B will introduce to Party A the appropriate and qualified customers. And when these customers through the opening of the real account of Party B, Party A will provide services for these account transactions. The parties agree that there is no partnership or joint venture relationship between Party A and Party B, so Party B and its offices, employees or agents are not entitled to represent or take any other action on official announcement more operation guide for ggbinary official si of Party A.

During the course of the agreement, Party B shall not have the right to agree on Party A in any way and shall not interfere with any of its clients or any person or any of its trading activities related to Party A. Party B shall not use or borrow the name of Party A to issue, publish or distribute advertisements, trade letters, research reports or other products sold without Party A 's written consent. Party A 's obligation to Party B 1. Party A fully agrees with the terms of this Agreement, and Party B shall be referred to Party B's Party and shall not be referred to Party B, and shall not refer to other intermediary brokers, agents or employees, even if the Client wishes to do so.

When Party B is accepted, Party A will official announcement more operation guide for ggbinary official si an agent account for Party B to facilitate Party B's management and maintain all customer transactions in the correct manner and record other activities on behalf of the Client. Party A shall grant Party B with the right to access such system, and Party B may from the system to view information about other financial data in his client account.

Party A shall recommend to Party B that its trading account is responsible for the management functions in relation to opening, maintenance and checkout. Party A will not make any self-dealing decisions for the customers recommended by Party B. Therefore, Party A is not responsible for the losses suffered by the transaction decision. Party A shall, in accordance with Party A's decision, provide Party B with the necessary and appropriate information and suggestions to ensure that Party B may have its own account status.

Party A may, according to its own wishes, provide Party B's free or preferential service information, including SMS reminder, but not limited to trading signals, Party B's customers can choose whether to use Party B's responsibility 1. Party B with an honest attitude with the potential and existing customers to negotiate, can not pretend to Party A employees and partners, because Party A will not set the regional distributor, so Party B is only agent brokers, rather than agents.

Party B shall provide the source of the correct and correct information to potential and existing customers, which must be based on Party A's all valid and relevant system practices, application forms and agreements. Party B shall disclose to each potential customer: Party B shall not make any guarantee of any proceeds or compensation for any investment in its clients and its investment, official announcement more operation guide for ggbinary official si may it be guaranteed in the name of Party A.

Party B is responsible for providing customers with the necessary technical and other transactions and related support to ensure the full fulfillment of their obligations.

Party B shall meet official announcement more operation guide for ggbinary official si corresponding measures adopted by Party A. Customers can only be listed on the website of the way to deposit funds to the account. Party B warrants that it will only provide these funds to its applicants for their clients to deposit funds for their account.

Party B agrees to abide by the entire system of the regulatory body. The broker can not legally represent Party A's legal or contractual obligations. Party B agreed not to use high pressure sales to customers and other means, and agreed to maintain a high standard of professional ethics. Party B agrees to explain the actual risks to the transaction with all customers. Party B to their own name to open the trading account can not be included, including themselves and any other agent off the assembly line.

Party B shall not, without the consent of Party A, provide any rebate rebate to any customer or potential customer. Party B must abide by the agency qualification requirements to cancel the eligibility requirements, if the validity period failed to meet the relevant requirements, Party A will retain the right to confirm the identity of Party B Party. The responsibility of both parties 1. Shall not be transferred to a third party without the written consent of the other party, unless otherwise stipulated or agreed by both parties, if the agreement provides for the rights and obligations of both parties.

In the event official announcement more operation guide for ggbinary official si this Agreement can not be fulfilled due to the fact that human resources can not be resisted, it shall be exempted from economic responsibility by proof that the party failing to perform the agreement. The right to self-handle and terminate the customer or proxy account Party A has the right to refuse to do business with any party through Party B, Party A can terminate any customer on its own without any prior notice, based on the customer agreement signed by Party A and Client.

Party B shall have the right to terminate the proxy account without any prior notice if Party B violates the provisions of the Agreement and infringes upon the interests of the Company. Party B's commission 1. As long as Party B has fulfilled the requirements and qualifications of the agent broker, Party A shall pay the commission of the Annex 1 to pay the commission of the Party.

When signing the commission agreement, Party B shall provide Party Official announcement more operation guide for ggbinary official si with the positive and negative aspects of the ID card, Business license on the contrary, the relevant legal representative of the real information and so on.

Termination of this Agreement means the termination of all terms and conditions within the terms and conditions of the Agreement, which shall be vested in any rights and full commissions of Party B. Party A shall pay the commission to Party B for the account of Party B, and this shall not include any agent, employee or any form of Party B 's compensation.

If Party B's account is found to have unusual trading transactions, Party A shall have the right to terminate the transaction of the account without notice to Party B, and shall not issue any commissions for unusual transactions.

Party B in their own name under the name of all the commissions are not included in the commission payable within the scope of Party. Commission reconciliation Party A shall submit the last month reconciliation to Party B on or before the fifth working day of each month, which specifies the commissions payable to Party B for the month of the reconciliation statement.

Party B will need to sign back on or before 15 days and check it for approximately 3 working days after payment to Party B's designated bank account. Ownership information and confidentiality terms Party B has no right to require Party A to obtain any ownership or other proprietary information. Party B acknowledges the confidentiality of any information disclosed by Party A to Party B and acknowledges that Party A has developed information through actual time, technology, effort and funds.

Party B shall not disclose, distribute or otherwise provide to any agreement company without the written consent of Party A, and shall not deny Party A any information, or any copyright, trademark, business password or other information Intellectual property. If there is any dispute, Jinsheng Global Holdings Limited will retain the final decision. It is hereby certified that the parties agree to agree to the above terms and conditions and after the signing of the date of the implementation of this contract.

What is binary official announcement more operation guide for ggbinary official si transaction? About the plan There is no doubt that our plan provides the best treatment in the industry: Report Analysis - Evaluate and fine tune activities using the synchronization platform's tracking code. Flexible marketing tools - dynamic banners, widgets, videos, articles, posts, white papers and others. Dedicated support - communicate with your personal representative for direct support.

Welcome to join us in the fast-growing and exciting options market. Please fill in the correct email box. Password to 6 to 8 letters combination. The password must be consistent. Use "you" and "your" means any user who uses this site. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately by consulting our online customer service or by emailing info ggbinary.

Please read the agreement carefully before signing this agreement.

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