Nse currency option price

Upon expiry say nifty is trading atthe premium of nifty CE should shoot up right? All options that trade in the Indian nse currency option price are European type which means they can be exercised only upon expiry. Absolutely, you get the entire premium, check this post.

There will not be any extra STT applied in this case. Also, on expiry day,i see lakhs of orders to buy significantly OTM options at 0. Many nse currency option price like to exit options which are worthless, because it will free up margins which they might need to take fresh positions for the next series. Thank you very much nithin. No Mr Gupta, this is not possible.

Might have already been answered in the above article, but too dumb to figure it out…… Please clarity. Hi, I have just a basic question. Can you please explain such discrepancies?

If the exchange closes the order, why is this happening? How is the STT related to all this? I predict the market to go up to Since it is nse currency option price, it is considered as a delivery trade and STT is charged on the entire contract value 0.

My lose will be Rs. If it closes atthen yeah worthless, nothing needs to be done. Yep nothing to do, no more charges. Products offered The Exchange offers trading nse currency option price Futures and Options contracts on major currencies as listed below:

I understood that there would be no STT charges. All positions are compulsorily exercised. It is a standard weighted average formula.