How do you evolve boldore without trading options

This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. Roggenrola how do you evolve boldore without trading options straight from the generation of hard rock — there's no soft part-Ground-type here! It still doesn't like them, but it's at least a nice touch.

That's not to say it comes without its share of weaknesses, though — it's weak to Water- Grass- Fighting- Ground- and Steel-type attacks! Can its stats and attacks make up for its large pool of weaknesses, though? If you've just caught a Roggenrola, you'll probably notice that its Attack and Defense are incredibly high. Roggenrola has excellent Attack and Defense right off the bat, and they only get better as it evolves into Boldore at level 25, and then Gigalith when you trade it to another version.

If you're not able to trade, you won't be able to get yourself a Gigalith, so keep that in mind. But if you can, Gigalith turns out to be one of the most powerful, defensive Pokemon around, able to take nearly any Physical-based attack without worry. It even has the Sturdy ability, which prevents one-hit KOs — plus, new to Black and White, this ability activates if you have full HP and would have been knocked out by an attack, similar to having a built-in Focus Sash.

Well, nice, until you have to battle a million Roggenrola and How do you evolve boldore without trading options throughout the game, when you find yourself very sick of it. It should be rather obvious that Roggenrola and its kin are painfully slow, but they make up for it with a phenomenal amount of force behind their attacks, so it's worth it. Early on, Roggenrola has Headbutt at its disposal, which will be your main attack for the first couple of levels. Once it reaches level 14 — hardly an eternity from when you catch it — it learns the new-and-improved Rock Blastwhich hits two to five times for a whopping 25 power a pop!

Other moves that are helpful are Rock Slide at level 30 as Boldorearguably Stealth Rock at level 36 not overly helpful in-game, but can help against long battles or when fighting other players, since it is no longer a TMSandstorm at level 42 or via TM, and Stone Edge at level As far as TMs go, it can make use of Rock Smash early on, making Roggenrola a great choice against the 2nd Gym Leader, but other great moves for later in the game include Returnand Bulldoze.

Earthquake is another great option, but it is available as a TM only after you've beaten the game. Lastly, for the record, it can learn Explosion at level 55, which will unleash massive damage at the cost of knocking yourself out. Overall, Roggenrola, Boldore, and Gigalith are great Pokemon to use throughout the game. Their lack of Speed and numerous weaknesses are their main drawbacks, but they have so how do you evolve boldore without trading options power behind their punches that it's a worthy trade.

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