Futures trading accounting software

It handles commission and fee accruals and charging. Management fees, incentive fees, and interest accruals are formula-based. Povides real-time, intra-day performance and risk reporting, valued on the tick, historic reporting as well as standard performance tables.

All reports are delivered via a web-browser interface or can be automatically emailed. Value at Risk, Scenario analysis, and exposure with graphical and numeric displays along with the ability to transfer the data to products like Excel for furthur anaysis.

Both the current portfolio and one with hypothetical modifications can be evaluated. Provides a repository of market price data for research and order generation purposes. It integrates data from a wide range of vendors into a single, consistent format. Combined with flexible continuous contract building and an automatic daily data downloader, the Data Manager is the tool for the systematic trader. Extends the Trading Desk concept in TheBooks and allows the routing of trades directly to exchanges for execution or trading platforms for further management.

It also provides FIX-drop trade capture capability. Provides interfaces for obtaining both real-time as well as end-of-day prices from a wide variety of data vendors. Attendees can attend any of the presentations throughout the day or decide to talk and network with other industry professionals. To learn more about this event, visit their web site at http: Featured Trade Managed Accounts?

TheBooks includes the following components. Order Management Manages the trading and counterparty activity notification process. Reconciliation Reconciles your accounts with your clearing brokers. Position Management Performs real-time trade matching, ensuring that you always know your positions. Trade Accounting A multi-currency accounting engine tailored to the accounting and reporting requirements of the advisor with managed accounts.

There are many benefits to this election, but there are specific requirements as well. While the Section f reporting needs may sound challenging, it's a simple task with TradeLog software. The software allows you to easily change your accounting method and automates the needed adjustments.

Generate the key reports you need, including the Form Details, Securities Marked to Market, and Section adjustment reports. Many traders who elect Section f seek professional tax services in order to properly qualify and take full advantage of trader tax status. TradeLog is used by industry leading trader tax professionals. Click here to learn more about our approved service providers. Section contracts include regulated futures contracts as well as exchange traded and broad-based index options.

The IRS requires these contracts to be priced or marked to market at year end for tax reporting purposes — this is standard for all taxpayers, no election required.

For proper tax reporting all open year end section contracts need to be closed out at year end prices, a realized gain or loss calculated for tax purposes, and then re-opened using the same year end prices going into the next tax year. The actual trade details are not required, only the totals. All TradeLog versions now support Futures and Section contracts , and include a detailed Section report for accurately calculating the totals for Form tax reporting.