Futures and options trading in nseindia

Rastogi teaches courses in the area of Finance and Analytics. Rastogi has worked for four years as debt and investment analyst. The job involved recommendations related to the security performance and evaluation as well as due diligence on behalf of the company. Rastogi was a part of the team involved in two IT related acquisitions and subsequent merger.

He has conducted workshops is the areas of financial modeling using excel for Reliance Infrastructure in and His research interest include derivative pricing, financial engineering and market microstructure. He is presently guiding PhD students in these areas. Efficiency in index options markets and trading in stock baskets. Journal of Banking and Finance Box spread strategies and arbitrage opportunities.

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Journal of Financial Economics The box spread arbitrage: Theory tests and investment strategies. Review of Financial Studies 2: Box spread Arbitrage efficiency of Nifty Index Options: The Journal of Futures Markets International Options markets Association Report User Username Password Remember me. About The Authors G. Article Tools Print this article. How to cite item. Email the author Login required. Keywords ARDL Indonesia Malaysia SMEs VECM attitude company performance entrepreneurial orientation knowledge loyalty merger merger waves monetary policy organizational citizenship behavior organizational commitment perceived quality performance procedural justice satisfaction stock market integration trust.

Abstract Box spread is a trading strategy in which one simultaneously buys and sells options having the same underlying asset and time to expiration, but different exercise prices. The advantages of box-spreads include reduced joint hypothesis problem since there is no consideration of pricing model or market equilibrium, no consideration of inter-market non-synchronicity since trading box spreads involve only one market, computational simplicity with less chances of mis-specification error, estimation error and the fact that buying and selling box spreads more or less replicates risk-free lending and borrowing.

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The broker is willing to give you some free money to trade with which is sometimes as much as 100 of the amount that you invested. However, what you dont realise is that in the broker terms futures and options trading in nseindia conditions, this usually comes with extremely restrictive withdrawal requirements.

This is one of the reasons that binary option broker bonuses are the most contentious offer by the broker. These are termed turnover requirements and can be outlandishly large on some occasions.