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Open locks 3, a boat load of lock picks I'm I supposed to be able to pick them? You'll get a key later in the game as that place is related to a quest. If you ask me this was a bad choice from PB.

Yeah, how come he says that he got to pick the lock when he's not even supposed to. It's like saying "I could go from India to Russia with a plane but i won't because God wants me to climb some mountains", foobar lame options trading was that a bad example.

Anyway, the text does suck but i can understand if it foobar lame options trading quest-related. I've gotten that message from some chests I dug up, though I only have lockpick 2.

Will lockpick 3 open them? When he says that line, you need the key. What he says isnt exactly wrong, he just cant pick foobar lame options trading. I need a key or I'll have to pick lock this So the idea is that he should stop at: I need a key to open this.

But they use the same recorded sentence to either the chest foobar lame options trading too difficult for his skill or it needs a key because it is quest related.

They could have split them and create 2 different sentences, though it would have been much more expensive to play the voice actor. He says "I'll have to find the key, or pick this. To me, that sentence is saying It's a locked lock and if his skill is already 3 Lockpicking it also means it's too complex to be picked by a skill 3 Lockpick.

Plus, there are a couple doors that foobar lame options trading says this about and you can open them with the "Open Lock" spell, even though It's impossible to pick them open. In fact that's the issue, it is debatable. For foobar lame options trading it sounds as it can be pick-locked but I don't have the skill. If I have the 3rd skill then I am expecting to open everything in the world foobar lame options trading the quest related ones where you need a key.

I wouldn't give so foobar lame options trading importance to this. It was just a discussion on why is the hero saying this. Lost in translation would be my guess. Stop being so antsy and find the key that fits the lock, no thief is perfect, except for zeta-Jones.

In case anyone's wondering, lockpick 3 and spell scrolls do not work. The chests are for a later quest though I find it very lame that this isn't an option - it wouldn't even spoil the quest to open them early. Man I hated foobar lame options trading chests. I wasted all my unlock spellscrolls on them! Then later when I got to the quest I was like: I totally knew that. Nonono, I seriously foobar lame options trading that.

Seriously, this is such bad foobar lame options trading design. I hope PB doesn't repeat this mistake. I always save and reload before using scrolls for "quest failures. It is probably the biggest flaws in gaming history. It's not that hard you know.

Just click on it first. Foobar lame options trading he says the I have to pick this or find the key phrase it means, you need the key a bit unprecise dialouge, but not that big of a deal. If he doesn't say this, you foobar lame options trading use your spell scroll. Besides there's not exactly many chests, and all of them have special names, so you only have to check this on special named chests.

I seriously can't see the big deal in that. An example on poor game design is jumping being able to go move back and forth in air. Sorry for the off-topic but this thread reminded me on how painfully easy it is to master skills, I think some more memorable characters should have been thrown into the game with just one master trainer for each skill which would require you seek out.

Just my 2 cents Anyway yes, an example of poor dialouge written in for quest only chests, which are necessary for a story driven-game like Risen. They could have foobar lame options trading had the hero bluntly say "I'm foobar lame options trading opening that yet" or something instead of trying to hide the unrealism. Whatevs, minor issue to me. It is poor game design when you claim to have an open world, when in fact you have to solve the quests exactly how the designers want you to.

The hero shouldn't even say that line! If he has the maximum skill in lockpick, or a spell that claims it can pick any lock, or a scroll that opens magical portals, the player should not have to wait until some arbitrary quest condition is met. What you are describing is a workaround to a minor side effect to the problem that any idiot can figure out. They should've designed the game to let it happen. I wish he would have said "This lock is unpickable, I need to find the right key!

The thing he says now is really confusing. I was foobar lame options trading running around, trying to train my lockpicking skill to 3 when I heard that the first time, foobar lame options trading I was so disappointed when that wasn't enough either.

After a while, I realized that when he says that, it means you need the right key. That's OK with me, but I wish what he said was clearer about it. Well, I guess chests could be made bash-able to some extent where either some of their possessions apart from the main-quest related would be smashed or the lock could be shut forever or opened. That would of course diminish the status of lockpicking but then again it might make the game more realistic: Just for the record: This is a problem of the english translation, not the german original.

It's not PB's fault that the setence is so ambiguous. But it is their fault for including railroad quests, and for no real reason. It would've been extremely simple to allow for the situation of opening a quest related lock early. Or at the very least they could've disguised some of them better literally and figuratively. The locked door out of Harbor Town could've just been a concealed stone door rather than a rickety wooden one.

The magic barriers could've required a magical focus stone to open in addition to the scrolls, and could've looked more elaborate than the earlier chapter barriers. Patty's chests could've had random from game to game combination locks, making them outside of the scope of lockpicks. I'm not even an amateur game designer and my ideas are better than what PB foobar lame options trading. I'd think a professional game designer could think of ideas way more creative than mine.

It's not a defense. There are two possibilities for handling chests with quest related content: They remain locked until the storyline requires you to open them then the game gives you a key. The problem is that neither one solves all problems.

If you can foobar lame options trading the chest early, you get its contents. That alone may spoil later story developments. It also requires the developers to script dialogues for that possibility. What if you sold that item because you did not know it was related to a quest? You'd have to search all traders to get it back.

Or they make the item unsellable which some people criticise for breaking immersion. The thing is, that option 2 gives you a bit of linearity in the widely non-linear gameplay and allows you to make the quest script simpler and easier to debug. A is followed by B is followed by C. No need to think about what happens when the player completes B first. The more complex a script gets, the more difficult it is to handle. And any developers has a limited amount of time only.

Time which they spend on properly scripting a non-linear quest with all its possibilities cannot be spend on other quests. Hence, the total amount of quests in the game decreases. For handling things that most people will never see anyway. I'm not so sure that's worth it. You find a locked chest and the hero says: Foobar lame options trading accepting that, you get more quests.

Fair trade, if you ask me. No extra work would be generated if they used a little creativity instead of taking the lazy way out. No merchant is going to buy a piece of paper quest item.

Also, Patty's chests have to be foobar lame options trading to complete the game because it leads to one of the disks. I can understand optional quests being less complete though I wouldn't be happy about that eitherbut main ones should receive more attention.

On the bright side, this minor element being my biggest criticism of the game means it must be a pretty solid product otherwise.

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