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This is my first forum topic here and if this has been discussed in the past kindly refer me to the previous link s. He barely made out of highschool and was self-educated, by 22 years old he was already making 6-figures and day day trader discussion forum full-time.

For those who are wondering… I am not bashing one profession over another, because quite frankly, I am neither. You are right on the making money part i. However, i guess most of day trader discussion forum do not belong to the positive outlier category i. Though I just completed the L1 examinations, I didnt know what I have signed up for until I received the 6 textbooks and was totally blown away by the amount of material to cover.

Had I known the amount of work and the time and effort to write the exams, I wouldnt have started in the first place. Even if I manage to clear L1, it is still a long way to go.

Somehow i guess if one thinks of the less tangible benefits, one could clearer see and ask oneself if it is worth the time and effort to complete the day trader discussion forum course. For myself, my country is paper-crazy as with most Asian countries and there are not as many charterholders compared to other western countries where there are more.

Just know that most people fail, you only hear about the success stories, and the kid who became a milllionaire betting on penny stocks. You cannot survive on playing with a few thousand. Also, you are incorrect on this: It is the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of your greatest strength, and greatest weakness. If you are still a student my advice would be to abandon financial services altogether and look into day trader discussion forum for a company that creates something.

The three years spent learning CFA is wasted as you are entering a pool of applicants with much better credentials that you, all seeking the same job. Thousands of charterholders with a ton of experience searching for jobs.

What makes you stand out? If you posess an innate skill for stock picking then CFA is irrelevant anyway and you should day trader discussion forum monetize those picks. When you day-trade, you have no safety net other than your own savings. No monthly salary, no health benefits, you have to change the toner of your own printer, etc. When you have a regular job - again, less potential upside, but a lot more downside protection.

It often takes some time and perseverance, but I hope you find the day trader discussion forum that gets you there! Focus on your skills and passions, and rewards will follow - not the other way day trader discussion forum. He was actually talking about hedge funds, but I think it applies equally to day trading.

And for those who started young, they have nothing to lose if they lose it all! Obviously, all those day traders started working for someone else at least part-time during the day trader discussion forum curve until they are competent enough to make a living out of it. My argument is, the chance of day trader discussion forum a successful day trader is about the same as becoming an elite financier. Like I stated from the very beginning, I am neither a top dog as a day trader or an elite financier at an investment firm.

Despite the lack of job security in most top finance jobs, I do agree the downside risk of day traders are definitely higher - just as most start-up entrepreneurs. BUT, in addition to that k, you get to manage your portfolio at a professional level versus having to pay for it had you chosen another field. CFA makes you much more employable than some biology MS. Recounts the life of the best trader the world has ever seen. He became a multi-billionaire at least twice and destitute several times.

I am day trader discussion forum confused with your last comment, do you mean accountants have few job opportunities than CFA charterholder or day trader discussion forum cost effective? That may be true. But there are only a handfull of financial capitals in the world that offer asset manager roles but you can be a professional day trader in any location on earth with access to internet. My route is unconventional - i didnt go through a normal full-time university course.

Started working full-time and doing night school after high sch and mandatory national service. Completed acctg course and local jurisdiction CPA on a part-time basis, with hrs work days often times more than 12 hrs. Less than USD 60K but gd enough, decent wages, can support family and with some savings.

Depends on which sector you are working in, i suppose. That statement describes a lot of people on this site, myself included. I made mid day trader discussion forum in my first year working for a Big 4 firm. But at the end of the day, I hated the work and was expected to work an obscene number of hours. I also realized that most corporate accounting jobs are dreadfully repetitive.

I think making a successful trading career takes much more effort than that. I think it takes somewhere years before you find the method which suits your personality and statistical edge and lets not even consider the emotional pain with losing money, though there are exceptions.

It all depends what you love to do and how bad you want. Atleast I wont die hungry. Some people seem to like to lose, so they win by losing money. I know several people who tried day trading and can say that only one can be called relatively successful.

The advantage for this person is that his wife makes very good living working in health care, and that is his safety net. Skip to main content. Be prepared with Kaplan Schweser. Study for Success in Gottasay Jun 19th, Nana - The answer to your day trader discussion forum seems to revolve around mitigating downside risk. Greenman72 Jun 19th, Matt Likes Analysis Jun 20th, 2: Most CFAs probably aim to make a lot more than that i assume?

Gottasay Jun 20th, 2: Matt Likes Analysis Jun 20th, 3: Those in that category absolutely kill it. Matt Likes Analysis wrote:. Matt Likes Analysis Jun 24th, 4:

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