Change folder and search options windows 10

One of the most annoying problems in Windows Vista and later Windows versions is the automatic change of a folder view type. Imagine a situation when you set a desired view type of a folder such as large icons, list, details, etc and after some time Windows automatically changes its view type to "Pictures and Videos" or any other view type when you copy a picture or video change folder and search options windows 10 to this folder.

Actually it happens because of " Automatic Folder Type Discovery " feature which was introduced in Windows Vista but instead of making something good, this feature has made the life of Windows users worst as Windows doesn't remember your customized view types for folders and automatically resets the view type based on folder content.

But now no need to worry, there is a registry trick to fix this annoying problem. This trick will reset the view settings of all folders and then it'll completely disable the automatic folder type discovery feature, so you'll not face this problem any more and Windows will always remember your customized view type settings for all folders.

It'll open Registry Editor. Under " Shell " key, select " Bags " key and press " Delete " key. It'll ask for confirmation, click on Yes button. Change folder and search options windows 10 the name of new key as Bags.

Set the name of new key as AllFolders. Now set the name of new key as Shell. Now click on this new " Shell " key and in right-side pane, create a new String value and give it name as FolderType and set its value to NotSpecified.

Either restart your system or log off and now Windows will no longer forget or automatically change your customized folder view type settings. If you are not familiar with Registry editing tasks and want a change folder and search options windows 10 Registry script to do the task automatically, download following Zip file, extract it and run the extracted REG file.

It'll ask for confirmation, accept it:. In Windows Explorer, open any folder and customize its view type to your desired view such as large icons or details, etc.

It'll immediately apply current folder view type settings to all folders in your computer. He has written several tech articles for popular newspapers and magazines and has also appeared in a few tech shows on TV channels.

In Win7 there are 's of new file details you can change folder and search options windows 10 and sort by. For a large music collection you can almost edit all of your tags song details right in explorer!

In addition Windows Search catalogs all the information so you can search for it. In a music folder click in the search box, click Genre and either type or select from the huge list. So, because of these exposed details I like my folders in a very specific format and sort order. When Windows comes along and screws with that it's a lot of work down the drain!

Thank you for this fix; haven't tried it yet, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed until I do. I'm absolutely flabbergasted that Windows would allow such a careless mistake to continue unaddressed; this quirk has irritated me for as long as I've been using Windows 7. Used to be that you could set your folders to be viewed in any manner you wished List, Details, Tiles, etcand also, sorted in any order you wished Name, Date, type, Size, etcand it would keep every individual setting in place.

Now, the settings just change without rhyme or reason--most definitely without reason, and it is infuriating! The fact that Microsoft has failed to address this, even with so many customers change folder and search options windows 10 about such an pointless but very essential change tell sme they just don't give a damn, and it has pushed me ever closer to change folder and search options windows 10 the switch to a Mac.

I'm really surprised some code group or company hasn't created some software that takes care of these problems, but here's to giving you a tip of the hat for your efforts at this.

Thats one of the first things which I always do after installing Windows Vista or 7 in a system. If you are having problem, you can try the Registry script given at the end of the topic.

Yep, change folder and search options windows 10 all folders became "General Items". At least its better than randomly assigning whatever type the OS wants. From now on I hope that my folder customizations will remain as they are. Another annoying issues is that sometimes the custom icons I set for preview of folders get reset. I wonder what the cause is. Thank you for this fix. I applied to Windows 10 and it solved my issue. It appears to have a side effect that the "recent files" part of the jumplist is now correctly working as well.

Windows 10 has been a nightmare regarding getting back functionality. Hi, i have basically the same problem of Windows automatic change of a folder view type. When i change the view of my folders and exit or go back, it will change back to detail view. Recently a reader reported that the same thing was happening to him because of ESET security suite. When he uninstalled it, the problem disappeared.

The problem with icons is still there. The problem arose about 7 days ago. I did not install any software or upgrade.

Tips associated with Windows 7, and 8 8. Hi worked fine on win 10 but i get a message that the firewall and the antivirus is off. They work normally but i keep getting thow annoying message every 1 minute and i cant turn it off. After the first restart after changing the registry, my network icon did not change folder and search options windows 10 up and my antivirus said it was not on.

I checked in the network center and I WAS connected to the internet as usual, then I clicked on the antivirus icon and it changed to green and said it was on.

In the customize notification area, the network entry had no icon next to it and neither did my 7 Taskbar Tweeker entry; just those two. I restarted again and the antivirus and internet Taskbar Tweeker icon were back to normal I restored my registry with the backup I made before I changed the values and downloaded and used the zip provided here. This time after restart, the icon problem didn't happen. I know that I followed all the manual instructions very carefully, double-checking each step so I'm not sure why the difference.

It is still not remembering the folder views. I have been looking for other information about this, I found this page on microsoft site. The instructions in the link are very similar to the ones here, with just a few additions. I followed the manual instructions and have not had any problems with folder view settings since. I thought I would leave this here in case it may help anyone else.

This works great for normal explorer views but when I plug in my android phone and start navigating the camera folders the view changes to silly large icons just like before.

Can anyone upload an unmodified version of that registry key? I tried doing this but I screwed it up, and I want to reset.

It just clears folder size and view type settings. What problem are you facing in your computer? I have this folder problem with Windows 10 home 64Bit. The only folder under Can I use this folder in the way you suggest? Restarted the computer change folder and search options windows 10 set some folders 3 different ones to my preferred layout etc. I opened the command prompt, and received change folder and search options windows 10 following message: What must I do to carry out this action, please?

This didn't do anything for me. For some reason, the change folder and search options windows 10 of several folders across my computer seem to be linked. If I change the folder view type of one folder, it changes a few other completely unrelated folders as well. Thank you very very much.

I am a huge fan of the old explorer and with every new windows things get worse. I already got rid of the zips shown as directories and now this help. Thank you so much. Now I have to find a way to get the old search back as the windows 7 and newer explorer-search are a real pain in the butt.

I tried Windows 8 and this issue kept ruining my experience on that OS. I had a bad experience from other things as well and decided to return to Vista and the faster UI was much missed by me! Compared to Windows 8 that was slower which was very strange. After installing Vista back this same issue come up in Vista too that I never seen before. As if Windows 8 was haunting me for leaving it. There's a somewhat small or big issue with this that I have see.

Despite my configuration having the "Remember" thing checked. It's a slight annoyance manually clicking the X on the upper-right that I don't recall if I was using those commands before I upgraded to Windows 8 and downgraded but this definitely will reset at least on my end just in case others do the same thing.

My Windows 10 problem has not been down to the OSs forgetfulness but the frequent freezing and greying-out of icon choice features accompanied by empty icon boxes.

Maybe a coincidence, but this annoying habit was not noticed until the first Windows 10 upgrade. Windows 10 is good but there have been times when reverting to Windows 7 has been given a thought. My pictures folder is organized by "date" and the green progress bar appears every time I open it or press F5. Thank you so much Change folder and search options windows 10 to come back to Windows after 5 years of OS X, I was going to hit my head on the wall when I remembered all these crappy "features".

I feel much better now! Really I cannot thank you enough: Well, this worked perfectly for about two or three months after which the folder views started getting reset again, I'm assuming starting from the ones that I set the first after doing this.