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This web resource is meant for accomplished traders who are interested in changing their broker and also beginners who are in search of their first broker. Every visitor to ForexRating can compare forex brokers available in the market nowadays and choose the best company to suit binomo review about the company needs. Apart from a comparative analysis of forex brokers, the web resource contains an honest rating of forex brokers which are ranked entirely on the grounds of your votes.

By ForexRating, you can judge a degree of trust that traders put in a particular forex broker. Money, Skrill, wire transfer Minimum account size: Binomo review about the company company is oriented towards Russian clients. The company offers high-quality services for options trading with a large number of trading instruments. There are more than 50 available assets, including shares of such companies as Google, Apple, IBM and others.

Besides, trading with Binomo is available through the app for iOS and Android. Binomo has a large educational section, which contains analytical reviews, useful materials, and interesting ideas for trust management. The competition is held twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays. In addition, all new clients receive some options as a gift for further trading.

Very experience with broker Binomo. Binomo review about the company friends have the same problem. This was the worst broker I have ever dealt with. They have a BAD support, where the employers doesn't even speak a good english and send over and over again the SAME answer on almost all emails. After 6 months trading with them The only reason was their good payout during gmt they blocked my account and from a few of friends for no reason.

First, they requested me a video conference after 6 months using the broker with all documents OK. They said I should receive an email from the Security Departament. In the next day, nothing happens, then I sent an email again and they said I have to wait 90 days to receive a message from their departament.

Binomo review about the company the meanwhile, I have not acess to my account or even can withdrawl my funds. I consider this as a theft. As I said in the begin, their support is the worst ever, so I will never get my money again. I have friends who loose over 6. Stay away from this broker. Last month, my account has been blown out due to stop out during EURUSD crash which caused them to go into negative balance of It was so unacceptable because at first when i joined them they told me that they have negative protection balance that's why I feel l secured but I am suffering now to debts.

I emailed the support but they told me that the losses had exceed the deposit amount and they cannot activate the protection balance. Be careful, be very careful with this broker. I do not recommend them. This is the best broker so far after my real money run on it for binomo review about the company weeks now. I recommend this broker to all traders.

I joined Binomo inand I have great experience with this broker! I opened a classic account with them and I have not had any issue. In addition, I like the range of instruments they offer to trade. I highly recommend Binimo! Thus, Binomo do their excellent job. I've tried many brokers but this is the best. So, I have no problem with Binomo, this broker has great customer service, fast deposit and withdrawals.

Sum up, I will keep up with this broker — Binomo! Trading in the foreign exchange market and using leverage involve considerable risks and may cause a partial or complete loss of funds. Make sure you possess sufficient skills and experience for this activity and are aware of possible risks.

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