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I would like to fit some data. If I run this short script:. How can I achieve that? How it should be implemented? Thank you in advance for your help, Jiri test. I was afraid of sometning like that - I can hardly say that I fully understand it…. That would be great! I still have a problem to fully understend the pythonization just from the code but if bindata python still plan to pythonize the FitFCN function I may help with testing if needed.

Too many guns against my head right now, though. If you want to help, maybe you can determine which would be best to pythonize: AFAICS the function itself is just a special case, and having a bindata python IFitter might be better but there are several subclasses already, and so that may mean making all of them derivable?

Or did you also think about Fitter:: Then you went further then me. It would be definitelly also very nice to define a model function on python side and then call one of those functions too!

Anyway, I do want to get this in before the November 30 cut-off, so that it makes it into 5. Chi2Function, and there are several classes such as Chi2Function. The unfortunate bit is that that would mean that all bindata python them need to be pythonized and any that come along in the future. How did that work out? There are a few problems with that as well. I worked around this for now by only allowing a single fit function which gets stored in a global variable instead of with CINT.

Let me know if that is too limiting. To use any of the existing fitters then, instead of deriving from them, the calls would have to be forwarded from the minuit function. This function bindata python be the call function of a callable object, making it possible for the object to carry state i.

Let me know if this works for you, or otherwise let me know how ROOT:: As I understand you pythonized the bindata python one. The second one is more for time optimization user provides derivatives … but the first one is IMHO fundamental for fitting a generic function and probably easier to pythonize then the 2nd one. Note that one has to redefine also virual Clone function. This was not done in my previous example but it is fixed now. For these who wonder that DoEval is private and virtual but bindata python is bindata python possible to overloaded it in derived bindata python I may recommend parashift.

You may find 2 examples in the attachement: Both examples work for me so let me know in the case of any problem.

In the second example on python side one just does:. So I added an TPyMultiGenFunction that can be used as a base class, with the express intention of adding a TPyMultiGradFunction which would follow the exact same linesif this works for you … That should cover all cases bindata python one way or another. Would it be possible to generate an error message such that it would be clear that NDim DoEval need to be defined? I think that throwing an exception with descriptive message would be better.

Anyway, it looks definitely VERY promising. Thanks for the test code. Few more iterations and bindata python are hopefully there. The proper python syntax requires self to be passed as the first argument.

Does that mean that there is no way at all how to call a base method in the situations such as the calling of the default gradient on python side? It could be sometimes quite useful….

Yes, real inheritance would be, of course, also real solution. How to pass fcn func defined on python side to ROOT. Hello, I bindata python like to fit some data. If I run this short script: Something like def mycn params, Jiri, the trick for such codes as TF1 etc. Hi Wim, thanks for your explenation. I was afraid of sometning like that - I can bindata python say that I fully understand it… That would be great!

Hi Wim, I still have a problem to fully understend the pythonization just bindata python the code but if bindata python still plan to pythonize the FitFCN function I may help with testing if needed. Jiri, yes, this is still bindata python my short-list. Hi Wim, Bindata python, thanks! Hi Wim, I see. In the second example on python side one just does: Hope that helps at least little bit… Cheers, Bindata python mymodel.

Jiri, thanks, bindata python were very helpful. Basically, for creating your own function, do something like: Let me know what you think … Cheers, Wim. Hi Wim, it looks really nice and it works for me! FitFCN myfun3,params3 29 fitter. Jiri, some code with improved error reporting is in is still a bit ugly in the whole traceback, but the relevant error message is in there, so hopefully enough.

Hi Wim, the error handling is definitely much more helpful, thanks. NDim called' bindata python 2 def DoEval self, x: TypeError Traceback most recent call last TypeError: DoEval takes exactly 2 arguments 3 given Exception Traceback most recent call last Wim, if the bindata python FdF and Gradient are not defined on python side than an exeption is thrown: Wim, it bindata python but if I want to define e. TypeError Traceback most recent call last. Gradient x,grad 54 55 def FdF self, x,f,df: Jiri, that error is correct.

Only DoEval is called all the time, see bindata python of the attached script. Home News Documentation Download.

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