Best virtual trading platform 2014

Microsoft Azure is able to support our need for scalability and agility as we expand our operations to support more users and trading volumes globally. Another key reason for choosing Microsoft Azure was its affordability and flexible pay-as-you-use structure.

With built-in auto scaling, Microsoft Azure is also able to support the exponential growth of users and data from TradeHero easily, making it easy for the company to plan resources effectively and take maximum advantage of the funding from their investors. Security is also a key concern with users of TradeHero, as sensitive data is exchanged during trades, as well as personal particulars shared for in-app purchases.

The platform also incorporates security practices at the application and platform layers to enhance security for application developers and service administrators. In addition to Microsoft Azure, MyHero also took advantage of the Microsoft technology stack to build their back-end services.

MyHero also elected Microsoft Visual Studio as its development platform, because it supports multiple open-source technologies and programming languages and was well-received by its development team. This means that they can be more focused on developing more innovative apps, and spend less time on managing them. First launched in January , TradeHero aims to bridge the gap between casual and experienced investors by providing a platform where users can choose to subscribe to expert trade feeds for data and insights to support their foray in the stock markets, or become a top trader and earn monthly subscription fees from users who follow their tips.

TradeHero shares subscription revenues from followers equally with top traders, enabling users to actually monetize their trading expertise with the app. For more information on Microsoft Azure, please click here. About TradeHero TradeHero is a financial literacy and stock tip tool, which educates users by acting as a stock trading simulation, using real-time, real-world market information from 28 stock exchanges. Unlike other apps, you can use it to scan a barcode and look up the public company behind the product.

Easy-to-use interface for executing trades quickly. Use voice search to find specific stocks or company data. Move money into and out of your bank account inside the app. Test out new strategies before implementing them in the real world, and do it with real-time urgency. Compete with friends to see who's the biggest wolf.

Wall Street is intimidating, particularly for newbies. Hone your skills by building and tracking your virtual portfolio in this stock market simulator. Heat maps are better. StockTouch uses color-coded maps of the top stocks in the major sectors to help you understand the ups and downs of the market. It's Twitter for traders.

Get minute-by-minute insights from fellow investors. A Sentiment Indicator shows members' bullish- or bearishness on any specific asset.